The Prompt: If You Had Your Own Restaurant, What Would It Be Called?

Perplexing Prompt Regarding My Ability To Name Names.

Being that my BFF in the entire universe has a successful trattoria, and I was on the sidelines watching from start up, and then worked there for a short time; I would say that I would never own a restaurant. For whatever reason this basic belief on my part has rendered my creative ability to make up a name, just for the sake of argument, useless. However, since this prompt is inclusive of any entrepreneurship, I then retrain my focus on my fiancee, who is also a business owner, and so are some of my other closest friends, and I ponder the sources of their businesses. I marry their personalities, with their creative abilities, and then incorporate the type of businesses they have, and finally contrast this with the name they chose for their own company. I attempt to adhere these same formulas to my own ghost company….tick tock. Tick tock. Grrrr. Tick tock tick tock tick tock…….


I have failed to answer this Plinky prompt.

Does this mean I am not entrepreneurial? Or is it just that I won't name names?

I am aghast!

~ Fel

* Businesses referenced in this entry:

Bellavista Trattoria & Pizzeria –

Goodeals –

J Hollywood Designs –

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2 thoughts on “The Prompt: If You Had Your Own Restaurant, What Would It Be Called?

    • Years later I zoom by this in my dashboard and out of the corner of my eye it read “I’d like to change my company name to Liver Rock Jewels”…and I thought, only Jen could fashion a beautiful Liver Rock.

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