WHY do I always DO this?!

WHY do I always DO this?!

WHY do I always do this?!
That’s the exacerbating question I have been asking myself…repeatedly.
Every time I try to sign into a web site.
BLANK stare.
Wanna know where my brain goes?
….all the way to funky town…
So, I just stare at the screen.
The now-sunken feeling that used to be a simple sinking feeling
…is floating around in the pit of my innards.
I think it again: “WHY?!”
For effect I decide to think the word in slow motion….
I want to accent that one word–thought-synapse-connection…
(the visualization of the thought is just like my own version of an Edvard Munch painting….yeah…The Scream…yeah, that’ll capture slow-mo.)
SNAP! Back to being annoyed.
Now I have to remember where I put my secret decoder ring (book of secrets) thing….
the one that makes me part of the lunatic fringe
…a little black ‘anonymous’ book of passwords and other top secret ‘stuff’.
It happens with greater frequency now too.
It USED to ONLY happen every “once in a blue moon beer.”
I’d like to blame the changes in security protocol for this maddening phenomenon…
but, I don’t have a job.
So I’m the IT and Security Department, and these are my protocols.
I’m the nut job that is preoccupied by slealthful security matrices and multi-layered access points.

Well, I must be a success because I outwitted my own brain.
I rule.
I have multiple successful ventures in capitulating hacking efforts.
Wait, no.
That won’t work.
I wasn’t hacking.
I was just trying to access my shitzelle.


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