Living Art…the merge of oneself with an image

For some, the line between seeing the art and becoming the art is so faint that it may not even exist at all. My child is one of the line blurrers. As I behold the metamorphosis from child to portrait I marvel at the intertwined beauty of the process. The image is living; it is as real as the person it impersonates. Such an intricate affair; yet most simplistic when expressed by a child. I ponder my beliefs…so is the art living or is the living art? I think to myself, “why decide?” Haven’t I always found my duality to be a strength; a driving force for my individuality? Absoluteness! Why stray away from my proclivity? In my meanderings through my daily grind I viciously relish the freedom I feel when I chose to be indecisive. One day proclaiming that art is ALIVE! Another I shout life is ART! Cogito ergo sum.
faces of art


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