Living Art…the merge of oneself with an image

Living Art…the merge of oneself with an image

For some, the line between seeing the art and becoming the art is so faint that it may not even exist at all. My child is one of the line blurrers. As I behold the metamorphosis from child to portrait … Continue reading

Little Princess Lettuce Leaf AKA Spring Break. Booyah.

Wanna know what we have lined up for the Eve of Springy Breakin’?

Check this out.Image

I know, I know…it’s just sooo cool.

Eeek! My daughter is so excited she can hardly contain her excitement. Oh mah gaawwhhhT…I can’t..I can…hardly say it…it is THAT amazing. Titter titter titter…she’s 14.


We are going to test the limits of lettuces that Troy the Bobblehead Dog will eat! We are going to make him lie there in his gargoyle stance….and then fling various genus-e-species of the lettuce family at him from a few feet away….and then we are going to laugh hysterically when he makes the GLOP sound of his big flappy lips as his jaws start clamping shut over that sweet morsel offered up from the food gods above. We laugh because he hasn’t quite connected the dots. How is this dog to know that the lettuce in hand still comes from the human even after it becomes airborne.


1) We can’t wait to find out which ones, if any, get regurged onto the shiny silvery grey shag on my office floor.

2) We will then jot down our results…

3) …and then take a memorial photo of him posing with a lettuce leaf balanced on the tip of his nose.

It’s a cute nose…even the deep, jagged scars from the cat wars.

4) Let the party commence! 

I say yeaaahhhbabyy to that….

This is what we do for festive fun.

I know, we’re just, you know, like that.